Odontología de adultos mayor

Personas están viviendo más tiempo, vida más productiva debido a más saludables estilos de vida y avances en atención médica. Beautiful smiles and dental health are important to our older population, which has many of the same dental concerns of the younger generation.

Sin embargo, instead of visiting the dentist for routine forChequeos dentalesabout two-thirds of elderly Americans with complex medical issues visit each year asemergencies. The consequences of not receiving routine dental care can be profound. Dr.. Mike y Dr.. Janet have the experience and knowledge to understand the numerous medications and long-term issues that must considered during dental care. We offer a wide ranges of services.

Some health care issues needing routine dental check-ups:

  • Arthritis often makes it difficult to hold and maneuver a tooth brush and makes flossing very difficult or impossible. Special brushes that are easier to grip can help, como cepillos de dientes eléctricos (que requiera menos esfuerzo) y titulares de seda con asas de diseño ergonómico. People who have difficulty taking care of their teeth at home can also benefit from more frequent visits to our practice for a professional cleaning, detección del cáncer oral, y un examen dental.
  • Sequedad en la boca, also called xerostomiais an age-related decrease in saliva, con frecuencia, hecho peor por medicamentos que se toman para las condiciones de salud. Dry mouth can contribute to difficulty swallowing, tooth decay, infecciones, gum disease, and other uncomfortable, painful conditions in the mouth.
  • Bone lossmakes it difficult for dentures to fit comfortably. Please consider a dental check-up with us to evaluate options for better fitting dentures, implantes.
  • Pérdida de la memoria, confusion, and depression can make a visit with us difficult. Allow us to help by creating a custom maintenance schedule.

How we help to minimize confusion and anxiety for special elderly patients:

  • Minimizar el ruido y otras distracciones cuando se proporciona cuidado.
  • Arrange for the trusted caregiver to accompany an elderly patient in the dental care rooms.
  • Nuestro equipo Dental se acercará al paciente desde el frente, en el nivel de los ojos, using a greater emphasis regarding nonverbal communication, como sonrisas y contacto visual, para presentarnos.
  • Para evitar la "sobrecarga” debido a las limitaciones cognitivas, las instrucciones serán con simple, frases cortas, tales como, “Please open you mouth.

Si es necesario….

  • Please have the family member or caregiver call Dr.. Mike o Dr.. Janet prior to the appointment to prepare for the elderly patient’s visit.